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Annual Drinking Water Report for 2019

Click here for the 2019 Annual Drinking Water Report. The report provides information on the quality of the drinking water and the services Clarkston Town provides.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) Information

Please read the latest information about Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) from the CDC. Recommendations for what you should do or should avoid doing are listed.

Dear Citizens,

As the Mayor and Town Council we have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and how it applies to our community. I wish to express my appreciation to our citizens who have taken the public health recommendations seriously and I believe it has helped control the number of cases and fortunately, to my knowledge, there has not been any known cases in Clarkston. However, as a Town Council we believe that even at the “moderate risk level” we would be putting our citizens at undue risk if we moved forward with some of our planned events; as such we have decided to cancel the Town Clean-up day and Pony Express Day.

As we discussed this matter, we looked at what the data was saying, as the Governor begins to reopen things, and what the data is showing is that the number of cases is also increasing. Fortunately, in Cache Valley there have been no new cases since the last BRHD report. Most would agree as you try to make heads or tails of this situation you can find experts to support whatever position you take. I believe nobody really knows what is going to happen, however there is enough evidence to warrant moving forward with caution, and that is what we as have decided to do. We know that not all will agree with this decision but want to assure you it was not made in haste nor to get out of doing something; it was made based on a genuine concern for the safety of our citizens.

We still plan on bringing the dumpsters in on May 29 and will leave them here for a few days. We are also looking at having a community event later this summer but that will depend entirely on how conditions are. As the Mayor and Town Council we hope you understand why we have taken the actions we have, and we hope each of our citizens will continue to exercise caution in this time of uncertainty.


N. Craig Hidalgo, Mayor

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